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Leading Generic Services in Istanbul


Real estate and Property Management

Do you want to buy a property in Turkey? Are you thinking of investing in real estate in Turkey and obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property?

or do you have a property in Turkey and need a company to manage your property. compass group will do it all

Medical  and regular Tourism

What do you think about undergoing treatment and at the same time getting some happiness and luxury? Let Turkey be your first destination for medical or regular tourism, and let our company, Compass Group, be your right hand and partner in this journey.

Legal consultation 

Whether you want to set up a company in Turkey or as a foreigner you need any legal consultant,

official accountant, sworn translation or a legal guide Compass group will have your back.

There are a lot of services that we offer to our coming clients and investors in Turkey, we know how difficult it is for the client to start in a new country and in a different language and because of our desire to help our clients and provide distinguished and honest services.

our company began to provide various services such as real estate consultancy such as buying real estate, whether residential real estate or Commercial and then property management, if desired. 


We take care of your property, rent it to you, pay bills, maintain, protect and clean if you are not settled in Turkey.

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